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I am a unique individual stuck in a world filled with mostly followers. I like to stand out of the crowd! I hate being critizied or stared at. I am one of the most self concious pesimistic people you will ever met. I express myself through painting, drawing and writing. I just want to find a place where I fit in and don't have to hide or keep to myself. I am waiting to be set free...

August 20, 2009

and she hates this feeling <3

Beside you I want to lay.
My ends they claim to fray.
My days turn to shades of grey.
I wish that with you I could stay.
Come on and sway over my way.
Speak those notions without delay.

Your path has become misguided.
Your future has become undecided.
Kiss my thriving lips to ease my soul.
Left with all of my damn self control.
My sensations you seem to have stole.
You hand me pieces, I want you as a whole.

Feeling the warmth of your body heat.
Walking home on this deserted street.
To my shaking body you are a treat.
The past I do not wish to repeat.
Temptation I am bond to defeat.
With my emotions I won't compete.

In clouds of smoke you can be found.
Soon you'll be falling to the ground.
Soon we'll be falling to the ground.
I'm wanting you like before.
Left with wanting you more.

It's an electric connection.
Follow and show your affection.
I can't stand through rejection.

You've become my selection.
Lean over to this direction.
Be my perfect protection.

Intensity runs through my blood.
My veins are rushing like a flood.
You offer your lips against mine.

I'm caught in your tangled vine.
You caress me with your touch.
Craving it a little to much.
You lend me your sweater.
I automatically feel better.
I just want your heart.
I just want to tear it apart.

You hand me pieces,
but I want you as a whole.