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December 03, 2009

Chest to Chest

I’d do anything to see you smile,
I know I haven’t showed it in awhile.
Yes, I am a risk taking danger.
But to you I don’t want to be a stranger.
I’ll find a way to fix it all.
I’m not going to let you fall.

I’m here to listen to every word you have to say.
I’ll be here for you every day.
I won’t beg, I won’t plead.
When you’re ready I’ll be here for you to need.
You won’t have to go through that ever again.
I’m truly sorry I caused you so much pain.

I’ll try my best to reverse the hurt.
With my care those feelings I will convert.
I apologize for that night,
I didn’t ever mean to put up a fight.

You know I'm so damn undecided.
I need now to just be guided.
Without you I'm plain misguided.
Our differences subsided.
Today we can't be divided.

We might just have the potential.
Holding on is all but essential.
You kiss me, I shutter.
You make me shudder.
I start to miss the taste of you’re lips.
Comfort me with you’re finger tips.
I'm craving you so bad.
You're the best I’ve ever had.

You're telling me everything I've never heard.
All of the phrases and sweet talking words.
You seem to see my flaws as perfections.
You are giving me all but enough affection.
Making my hips sway in your direction.
Making me feel like we've got a connection.
It's like you are the medicine to my infection.
You are healing me with your protection.

When I'm with you I can't stop smiling.
All of your good qualities are compiling.
I won't stop until we are chest to chest.
I know babe that you are unlike the rest.

Why don't we break down those walls that are keeping us apart?
Why don't you come over now and mend my broken heart?

Let's just stay here chest to chest.

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